More Urgent Advice: Horrific Unseasonable Snowy Weather

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 19:10 PM
November 19, 2014

Too-Much-Snow-2014    Listen: This is not weather to be out in.  Ask people in the  Buffalo, N.Y. According to the Associated Press (AP):  “Four people died during a storm that dumped more than 4 feet of snow around Buffalo and forced motorists in 150 vehicles, including a women’s basketball team, to ride it out on a day when temperatures dropped to freezing or below in all 50 states.

“One person was killed in an automobile accident and three others had heart attacks, including two believed to be shoveling snow at the time . . . The snowstorm stranded cars, trucks and buses on a four-mile section near Buffalo. . . . the paralyzing ordeal that lasted nearly 24 hours for some motorists.”

Got that? A warning to all 50 states of these United States! AP adds: “In New Hampshire and elsewhere, icy roads led to accidents. Lake-effect storms in Michigan produced gale-force winds and as much as 18 inches of snow, and canceled several flights at the Grand Rapids airport.

“Schools closed in the North Carolina mountains amid blustery winds and ice-coated roads. In Indiana, three firefighters were hurt when a semitrailer hit a fire truck on a snowy highway.  The National Weather Service warned that the snow, generated by cold air blowing over the warmer Great Lakes, would continue through Wednesday and could eventually total 6 feet in places.”

So know about wikiHow’s wisdom: “Don’t get stranded in the first place. If you don’t have an important reason for Car-accident-snow-storm-2014driving in the snow, stay home and wait for the roads to be cleared. Avoid traveling during a snowstorm or blizzard for anything but medical emergencies, or you run the risk of getting stranded.”

That site’s wisdom for winter ‘car-carries’ is also the longest yet: “Blankets; Pillow; Warm clothing, to be used if you need to change; Non-perishable food (e.g. nuts, canned tuna, crackers, dry cereal, fruit cups); . . .

“. . . A flashlight and extra batteries; Matches; Prescription medications; A fully-charged phone; Snow shovel; Ice scraper; Jumper cables; Extra gas; Add anything else vital that you may find useful if trapped in your car.”

Above all, they insist:  Stay in your car! adds: “Abandon your car as a last resort. This is your only means of shelter unless a hotel or public building is nearby, or if you aren’t properly clothed to walk somewhere for shelter.” has other vital info, i.e.: “If you’re in snow and ice and you’re running your engine, check that your tailpipe hasn’t gotten blocked. If it is, clear the snow and ice out. Otherwise, carbon monoxide can leak back into the car and kill you. It’s a very simple check with very grave consequences.”

More advice to come for dealing with this ‘plus size Christian sweatshirts’ ‘Winter in Fall’ weather, but it is most vital for believers to obey God’s Word in these times: “Trust in The LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear The LORD, and depart from evil (Proverbs 3:5-7).”

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Be Ready: January Weather Falls on U.S. in Mid-November

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 16:01 PM
November 18, 2014

jet-stream-cold-2014    Officially Winter does not begin and Fall does not end until December 21st this year, but Storm Nuri––what’s left of Typhoon Nuri which swept through Alaska’s Aleutian Islands––doesn’t know about those ‘official’ markers.

The ‘earthend’ gang usually doesn’t start winter preparation blogs until mid-December, but as winter blasts started earlier this year, it seems best to alert readers to necessary winter precautions even while fall leaves still hang on trees:

Be sure to: Wrap heating pipes coming from basement, as well as outside water faucets, to avoid freezing; Put plastic covers and/or heavy drapes on windows to keep out air; Stock up on rock salt, snow shovels, thick socks, ‘long johns,’ gloves and warm caps for head and ears; and Wear layers of clothing!

Kristina Pydynowski, Senior Meteorologist for warns that in addition to Storm Nuri: “As the polar vortex gets displaced to the south, the door will open for arctic air to plunge over most of the United States as the new week progresses. Only the Southwest, Hawaii, Alaska and South Florida will escape the grip of the upcoming arctic blast that the polar vortex can be blamed for.

“The combination of cold air, wind and other conditions, including snow in part of the Midwest and northern Plains, will send temperatures plunging below zero in some locations. Such cold will raise the risk of hypothermia and frostbite for those not properly dressed.” So now is a good time to wear those wholesale Christian sweatshirts.

As for travel by car, Sgt. Brad Hessel of the Oregon State Police advises drivers to “slow down, reduce distractions and arrive safely.”  He claims drivers must “allow extra travel time during winter conditions and slippery conditions cause stopping distances to increase.” Other tips from that police force include:

1) Think ahead to avoid dangerous situations; 2) If road signs say chains are required be prepared to chain up; 3) early-winter-2014When losing traction, gradually slowdown–––never slam on brakes; 4) Ice forms first on bridges or concrete highways so be cautious on those; 5) Never use cruise control in icy, snowy or wet weather.

This blog has warned that this cold weather winter was coming early this year and lasting far into what are usually spring months.  In short, this is not normal weather. Global Warming in these prophetic end-time years is one factor.

Another one is that God is trying to get man’s attention while there is still time for repentance.  As Daniel 2: 19-20 says:  “Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed The God of heaven. Daniel answered and said, Blessed be The Name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are His: And He changeth the times and the seasons . . .”

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U.S. Medical Staffs Must Catch-Up with 21st Century Diseases

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 18:03 PM
November 14, 2014

monkey-pox    Obvious lapses in patient care, hospital staff protection, under-funding of research for pharmaceutical vaccines, confusion of leadership from national health and other federal agencies––all indicate that America’s medical professionals must prepare for multiple, new and increasingly dangerous 21st Century diseases.

In her article, ‘Emerging Infectious Diseases at the Beginning of the 21st Century,’ Dr. Felissa R. Lashley, a PhD scholar on nursing writes: “Among the newer emerging infectious agents and diseases, many have already had great impact, while others show potential for impact in the near future. Agents that have made a significant appearance, particularly in the 21st century . . . include: Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fevers, human monkeypox, BSE, SARS, West Nile virus, and avian influenza.”

Dr. Lasley points out that while they only seem to come to fore recently, most of these new viruses were discovered in Africa––usually among animals––in a few decades at the end of the 20th century, but researchers never expected them to expand to such international lengths.

World-wide airline travel; lapse border patrols––including inept laws on animal imports and weak interstate transfer of such animals; cross-border travel of legal and illegal aliens; destabilized weather patterns from Global Warming, etc.––have all exacerbated spread of these 21st century diseases.

This site has written severally about lax government oversight of imported animals––see ‘The Lucrative Business of Tasmanian_Devil_Facial_Tumour_DiseaseUnguarded Exotic Animals in the U.S., and ‘Signs of Beasts Among Us,’ etc.––and Dr. Ever’s forthcoming book, ‘Betrayal of Stewardship: Extinctions, Declines, & Endless Attacks––God’s Prophecies About His Animal Species,’ also covers diseased animals affecting man’s world.

With shame to medical professions, Lasley and other scholars warn that too many hospital staff workers ignore such elementary rules as hand washing and equipment sterilization.  She insists: “Concern has also arisen over potential transmission of prion [i.e. a small proteinaceous infectious disease-causing agent] diseases through inadequately sterilized instruments or devices.”

Moreover, hospitals try to force medical practitioners to even wash their hands. Anemona Hartocollis of The New York Times explains: “With drug-resistant superbugs on the rise, according to a recent report by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and with hospital-acquired infections costing  $30 billion and leading to nearly 100,000 patient deaths a year, . . .

“ . . . hospitals are willing to try almost anything to reduce the risk of transmission. Studies have shown that without encouragement, hospital workers wash their hands as little as 30 percent of the time that they interact with patients.”

Medical professionals lean upon images of Moses raising his staff with a serpent, but such prophecy in used Christian Bibles foretells the healing ministry of The Lord Jesus Christ: “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life Jon 3: 14 – 15).”

He is The One to Whom America must return if this nation is to defeat emerging new 21st Century diseases.  If not, thousands, if not millions, will be sickened and may well die! Christians must pray for more authentic healing ministries.

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Ebola Facts!: Lies? Half Truths & Other Possible Unknowns, pt 3

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 7:00 AM
November 10, 2014

Ebola-spread-through-droplets        In addition to internet researchers, some physicians now speak out about possible errors in official calculations for protecting the public from Ebola.  Health experts, physicians and medical journals add to the list of unknowns about Ebola.

For instance, reporting on this week’s meeting of the National Academy’s Institute of Medicine, in ‘U.S. Scientists Say Uncertainties Loom about Ebola’s Transmission, Other Key Facts,’ Sharon Begley of Reuters warns:

“ . . . virologists believe that Ebola is spread when people . . . contact . . . the virus-laden bodily fluids of those who are already sick and touch their eyes, nose or mouth, allowing the virus to. . . enter the bloodstream.  But penetration through intact skin has not been definitively ruled out, said hemorrhagic-fever expert Thomas Ksiarek of the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB).”

The Extinction Protocol (EP) adds:  “Another crucial question is whether the virus can be spread by people who do not show symptoms. For months public health officials in the United States and elsewhere have insisted it cannot. But the possibility of such ‘subclinical transmission’ remains very much open,” said Dr. Andrew Pavia, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Utah.

EP continues: “Nor do experts know whether the infectious dose of virus depends on how it enters the body, Pavia said. Also unknown is whether the time between exposure to Ebola and the appearance of symptoms depends on which bodily fluids someone contacted. If it does, then someone exposed through, say, saliva rather than blood might incubate the virus for longer than the 21 days officials have repeatedly said is the outer limit of the incubation period.”

Also scientists are not sure which hand cleaners best protect against Ebola. Begley warns:  “Scientists do not know clean-hands-viruswhether foam, gas, or liquid decontaminates are most effective for cleaning surfaces that might harbor Ebola.”
“Nor do they know whether it can survive in sewers where, said Paul Lemieux of the National Homeland Security Research Center at the Environmental Protection Agency, rats ‘might pick it up’.” Ugh! Perish the thought.

Erika Check Hayden posits in ‘Many Mysteries Still Surround Ebola’: “To much of the world, the virus behind the devastating Ebola outbreak in Africa seems to have stormed out of nowhere. But Leslie Lobel–– a virologist at Ben-Gurion University in Israel––thinks we should have seen it coming.” Lobel and his team of scientists have been investigating Ebola strains in Africa for years.

Hayden then raises the stakes on Ebola questions:  “A pressing question in the present outbreak is how the currently circulating Zaire ebola virus might be changing. Its rapid spread hints that there could be something different about this strain—possibly that it has become easier to pass from one person to another.”

Clearly, whether they want to admit it or not, scientists and physicians are not as sure about this Ebola virus as politicians wish the public to believe.  So this blogger must ask again: “Why do people, especially Christians. trust scientists and doctors more than they trust God?” As used Christian Bibles make plain:

Truly, the Church and the world must better understand Christ’s ministry, both when He was on earth and now as He is in heaven:  “When the even was come, they brought unto Him many that were possessed with devils: and He cast out the spirits with His word, and healed all that were sick:  That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias [Isaiah] the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare [our] sicknesses (Matthew 8: 16 – 17).”

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Ebola Facts!: More Contradicting Scientific Evidence, pt 2

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 9:00 AM
November 3, 2014

sneezing-germs        While main-stream media generally avoids revealed scientific facts about Ebola, internet researchers write about such issues as: actual methods and time-lines of human-to-human Ebola transmission; ‘live’ period of Ebola germ viruses on transferrable surfaces; unpreparedness of U.S. hospitals to deal with this disease; necessary isolation period for returning medical workers, etc.

For instance, in ‘Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine: People Without Symptoms Or Fever May Still Spread Ebola,’ Washington’s Blog writes: “A study in the prestigious [medical] journal Lancet published in 2000 found that some people can carry Ebola without showing any symptoms.

“The largest study on the current Ebola outbreak––sponsored by the World Health Organization––found that 13% of those infected with Ebola never had a fever.” Dr. Bruce A. Beutler, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2011 for his work researching the cellular subsystem of the body’s overall immune system (which defends bodies from other organisms, like Ebola), says:

“It may not be absolutely true that those without symptoms can’t transmit the disease, because we don’t have the numbers to back that up . . . It could be people develop significant viremia [where viruses enter the bloodstream and gain access to the rest of the body], and become able to transmit the disease before they have a fever. People may [say] that without symptoms you can’t transmit Ebola. I’m not sure that [is] 100 percent true. There’s a lot of variation with viruses.”

The blogger continues: “In fact, in a study published online in September by the New England Journal of Medicine and backed by the World Health Organization, 3,343 confirmed and 667 probable cases of Ebola were analyzed, nearly 13 percent of the time, those infected with Ebola exhibited no fever at all.”

J.D. Heyes of Natural News avers in ‘CDC Now Admits Ebola Can Spread Through the Air up to 3 Feet Away’: “In a new Ebola-related post that appears to be splitting hairs between ‘airborne’ and ‘droplet’ spread, the health agency claims:
“Airborne spread happens when a germ floats through the air after a person talks, coughs, or sneezes. Germs may land in the eyes, mouth, or nose of another person. If a germ is airborne, direct contact with the infected person is NOT needed for someone else to get sick. Airborne spread diseases include: chickenpox, tuberculosis.” To which medical blogger, Dr. Meryl Nass, responds:

“Well, at least CDC is starting to move the narrative.  Maybe tomorrow it will be 5 feet. Then 10. Maybe next month spreading-germsthey will tell us why all the victims’ possessions are being incinerated and apartments fumigated. Just remember: historically, Ebola spread fast in healthcare facilities.”

In Leviticus 13, Wholesale Christian Bibles makes clear that isolation is the only safe remedy against Ebola. Other Scriptures add that believers must “ . . . earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints (Jude 1: 1).” That faith Christians once believed in was primarily to exercise faith in God and His Word for healing.  As the church prayed in the Book of Acts (4: 29 – 30):

“And now, Lord, behold their threatenings: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word, By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by The Name of Thy Holy Child Jesus.” No where does the Bible say that Christians should put faith in medical doctors before their faith in God.  In fact, God’s Word says entirely the opposite!

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Ebola: Contradicting Scientific Evidence Re: 21 Days, etc.

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 9:00 AM
October 29, 2014

Ebola-protective-gear        In several areas, medical specialists dealing with the Ebola virus seem to contradict themselves. Are respirators necessary parts of protective gear for medical personnel treating Ebola patients? Can Ebola travel airborne through cough’s or sneezes? Do all persons with this disease display the same early symptoms––i.e. high fever––before the virus is transferrable?, etc., etc. etc.

For instance, newly published studies say 21 days of isolation after exposure to Ebola may not be long enough. According to Dr. Charles N. Haas, a microbiology threat researcher at Drexel University, who recently published a paper in the Journal ‘PLOS Current Outbreaks’:

“There is no quarantine time that will provide absolute assurance of no residual risk from contagion. While the 21-day quarantine value, currently used, may have arisen from reasonable interpretation of early outbreak data, this work suggests reconsideration is in order and that 21 days might not be sufficiently protective of public health.” Haas adds the 21 days “. . . is based on potentially flawed data from the 1976 Ebola outbreak in Zaire.”

He points out that while symptoms typically start appearing after nine days, the World Health Organization (WHO) Ebola-symptomshas records of persons catching the disease from someone 30 days after the sick person was diagnosed. “Even if you go out to a 30-day time, it only gives you a risk of about eight in 1,000 that someone would still progress to symptoms after that period,” he insists.

In his article, ‘New Ebola Study Supports WHO Findings: A 21-Day Quarantine is Not Long Enough,’ Dave Hodges of quotes Mike Adams of Natural News:

“A jaw-dropping report released by the World Health Organization on October 14, 2014 reveals that 1 in 20 Ebola infections has an incubation period longer than the 21 days which has been repeatedly claimed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.”  The actual WHO Report states:  “95% of confirmed cases have an incubation period in the range of 1 to 21 days; 98% have an incubation period that falls within the 1 to 42 day interval.”

So why does the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) insists 21 days is enough? And why do ‘experienced’ medical personnel––such as Dr. Craig Spencer, who roamed in New York before he was officially tagged a Ebola patient, or Nurse Kaci Hickox, who refuses to be quarantined––insists that they know best?

In dealing with leprosy, Leviticus, chapter 13, of wholesale Christian Bibles, priests, who served as medical doctors as well, had a person suspected of having the disease remain quarantined for several periods of seven days each:

“And the priest shall look on him the seventh day: and, behold, if the plague in his sight be at a stay, and the plague spread not in the skin; then the priest shall shut him up seven days more (verse 5). . . . And the priest shall look upon the plague, and shut up it that hath the plague seven days (verse 50) . . .”

All of which may match the U.S. medical standard of 21 day isolation or a period of three weeks, or three seven day periods. However, a full reading of the chapter indicates that indeed the time period may be much longer. One more question: Why do many Christians still trust doctors more than they trust God?

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October ‘Surprises’ and the Evil Origins of Halloween, p. 2

posted by Sandra Repriestly @ 18:33 PM
October 23, 2014

missing-children    Rites of evil increase in these last days. Supposedly well-meaning Christians become swept-up in bewildering satanic activity. Pastors, parents, and prayer warriors must be on alert during the coming Satanic high feast day of Halloween.

Ask police departments in any small town or large city about Halloween!  Those who will admit it know the truth. For instance, a PDF on ‘Halloween Sex Offender Laws’ says: “ . . . a growing number of states that have enacted laws restricting the activities of sex offenders on Halloween. . . restrictions imposed on sex offenders during Halloween hours generally range from “no passing out candy” to “no driving after dark” . . . the laws are primarily meant to protect children from potential threats by former sex offenders and child predators on Halloween.”

Or ask vigilant news reporters like Haley Smith who writes: “Police and parents are . . . more careful because of the latest suspicious activity . . . where there have been two reported attempts of a stranger trying get kids into the car. Two kids said a woman tried to get them into her car while they were walking . . . another reason to be concerned—a Safe Kids report shows twice as many children are hit and killed on the roads on Halloween than on any other day of the year.”

Unfortunately, the most gut-wrenching horror stories about Halloween are from women and girls forced to breed babies in hidden underground Satanic holds so their infant off-spring can be used for human sacrifice during Halloween season. As recites the testimony of one girl in ‘The Dark Side Of Halloween: The Kind Of Stuff That Real Life Nightmares Are Made Of’:

“My father worked in the aerospace industry. My mother worked for a doctor. On the outside just looked normal, but nobody knew what was going on behind closed doors. My father was actually a Satanic high priest, so he did all kinds of evil things. He sexually assaulted me, took me to satanic rituals. My father actually used me as a baby breeder, which means I was impregnated so the Satanists would have a baby to sacrifice to the devil in their Satanic rituals. As soon as Ithe-truth-about-halloween-cover was able to have a baby, I was pregnant.”

So why do ‘born again’ Christians want to do anything during Halloween season but pray?  Ever since the 1950s and 1960s when most pastors in America substituted ‘Bible Study’ for regular Wednesday Night Prayer Services, evil has run roughshod over this nation:  1) Prayer was taken out of schools in 1962;

2) Halloween advanced to become the largest commercial spending season in America, second only to Christmas; 3) The numbers of kidnapped, missing and murdered children has mushroomed; 4) Satanism, demon cult worship, Satanic rock music, and horror films flood movie houses and television sets; and

5) Even some churches, claiming The Name of Jesus, began celebrating Halloween with ghoulish decorations, and evening parties, including masked costumes and ‘sweet’ treats.  Again, the urgent question:  “Why are Christian churches before and during Halloween night doing anything but praying?”

God’s Word in all used Christian Bibles makes absolutely clear: “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them (Ephesians 5: 11).” One definition of ‘worship’ is “to feel an adoring reverence or regard.” So, again: why are ‘Christians’ showing such regard for Satan’s holiday?  Only the prayer power of interceding Christians can break such a Satanic hold.

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October ‘Surprises’ and the Evil Origins of Halloween

posted by Sandra Repriestly @ 7:00 AM
October 22, 2014

Satanic-Worship        October is often a frightening month.  It ends with Halloween, the highest Satanic witchcraft feast day of the year in which those dedicated to evil celebrate the devil, and their ghoulish accomplishments of sin and death. Yet some churches, claiming The Name of Christ Jesus attempt to make it a day of childish “fun.”

Stock markets dread every October. This month’s 400 point market fall was no different. Pundits and politicians fearfully look for different October surprises as well. They concluded the 2014 ‘surprise’ is the Ebola scare, but now terrorists’ attacks in Canada displaced that ‘old’ fear. And the month has nine days to go.

As the planet races towards this 14th year of the last century of man’s rule, October surprises multiply as Satan knows his time on earth is very limited. Thus, when he travels around the world to visit thousands of witchcraft burning sights in back woods and underground caverns, as he rewards human sacrifices, he will advance those followers proven to be the most capable disciples of evil.

Satanists and the various devils they serve are cowards, generally afraid to attack knowledgeable Christians who lean on God’s Holy Spirit for knowledge and insight into the spirit world. Thus, those serving the evil one usually attack and sacrifice children, either immediately on Halloween night, or else seducing them through drugs, sex or ignorance into a lifetime of almost unescapable misery.

Pastor Pat Holliday’s study on explains:  “October 31 is the most important day in the satanic year. [It is known as the devil’s birthday.] It marks the Celtic new year. It was the end of the growing season.

“It became a festival of death. On this day, the god of the Celtics was to have called up the spirits of the wicked dead who had died during the past year. At the same time, other evil spirits arose and went about the countryside harassing the people. On October 31, the Celtics expected to be harassed by ghosts, evil spirits and demons; and it was no fun and games to them.”

The Restored Church of God says: “ . . . today’s Halloween customs (black cats, parades, dressing up as ghouls and witches, parties, bonfires, tricks and mischievous pranks)—which most people take for granted—point directly back to the Vigil of Samhain, the false lord of the dead, pagan Roman holidays filled with immoral revelries, and the Catholic Church’s Hallowmas.

“In light of its historical pagan origin, can we honestly view Halloween as merely an innocent childhood indulgence? maxresIs this the kind of tradition we want to pass on to our children?” Good question that many pastors need to ask themselves. declares in ‘The History of Halloween’ that it is “ . . . a pagan religious holiday not a Christian day. Tom Sanguinet, former high priest in the Celtic tradition of Wicca (witchcraft) says: “The modern holiday we call Halloween has its origin closest to November 1, the witches’ New Year.

“It was a time when the ‘spirits’ (devils) were supposed to be at their peak power revisiting the earth. Planet. . . Halloween is purely and absolutely evil, and there is nothing we ever, have ever or will ever do to make it acceptable to the Lord Jesus.” This October 31, Satan continues these deceptions on mankind.

The LORD Jesus instructs believers in wholesale Christian Bibles:  “For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light: . . . And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them (Ephesians 5: 8, 11).” Its time to face the truth about Halloween!

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‘A Child Leads’: Staff Refuses to Report on Climate Summit

posted by John J. Jr. @ 17:16 PM
October 13, 2014

DENMARK CLIMATE SUMMIT    John J. Jr.:  Hello, Rev., I mean Dr., Repriestly, this is John J. Jr.  Do you have a moment?  We’ve got a real problem here.

Repriestly:  Ok John what’s wrong?

John:  Well, before she went on vacation, Jael told us to cover the story on the U.N. Climate summit and the various marches around the world warning about Global Warming. But now nobody wants to do the story.  Sarah Newsworthy told me to handle it as she was busy working with Mr. Butterman on the 35,000 walruses hopelessly stranded in Alaska, because of so much melted sea water.

Ally Feermeno said no one in Asia cares about that, and hung up the phone.  Ida Wells said she could do an expose on the corporate conglomerates fighting against Global Warming, none of whom were mentioned at the U.N. meeting. And the kids scream that I must tell about all the animals Global Warming is killing.

Jim Seerfar said it had nothing to do with his work about space, unless I wanted to discuss more massive wastes of money, and Cecil Certifier said the whole U.N. thing was a show of insanity if I wanted him to write about that.

They just don’t want to do it. They say it is simply a matter of ‘too little–– too late.’  And they are angry that after this blog team has worked tirelessly for years to wake people up about Global Warming, governments have done so little. What am I to do?  Jael will be back soon.  She’ll be furious if we’ve done nothing.

Repriestly:  Well John, it looks like you’ll have to write it yourself. So try!

John: O.K. here goes: John H, Cushman, Jr. says in ‘UN Climate Summit Achieves Successes, But Does It Really Ice_Melting_in_GreenlandMatter?’: “At the end of his summit meeting . . ., UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon put out a list of accomplishments festooned with 46 bullet points, some of them marking concrete new pledges, others diaphanous phrases.” I looked that up. It means ‘ insubstantial.’

At the end he complains:  “Unless the environmental movement provides the power to overcome the political resistance that for decades has hobbled U.S. negotiators at climate treaty talks, the demonstrators who thronged 50 blocks of midtown Manhattan might as well have stretched their legs on 310,000 treadmills.”

Mark Hertsgaard asks in ‘The People’s Climate March Was Huge, but Will It Change Everything?’ He pointed out that the Rockefeller Brothers Fund controlling that family’s wealth built by Standard Oil is totally divesting from fossil fuels, but that March leaders agreed it was only a first step, and many others must follow.

AFP News staff writers reveal in ‘UN Climate Fund Still Far Short of Goal’ that major nations have given little toward their pledge of $ 2.3 billion to help poor nations deal with ‘rising temperature disasters’. They quote Tim Gore from Oxfam:

“. . . the UN summit had offered “only a partial and piecemeal response. After four long years, the cash is starting to land in the Green Climate Fund, albeit at little more than a trickle.” They also report that world leaders are to meet next year in Paris to make ‘solid’ plans against Climate Change.

So Rev. anyway it looks like those main stream media writers agree with our motley crew––its all a matter of too-little and too-late. I told our gang I was going to tell you about their refusals and that said to ask you to pray for them.

Repriestly:  And indeed I will John.  Remember what wholesale Christian sweat shirts say:  “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith (1 John 5: 4), and to overcome the world’s laziness about Global Warming we must increase our faith!

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U.S. and World Overcome with New and Old Killer Diseases

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 22:36 PM
October 8, 2014

EV-D68-Symptoms        Not just Ebola virus! America and the world had best get ready for other attacks from old and new killer diseases assaulting the planet with no let-ups or vaccines in sight, including: Bird flues, West Nine Virus, Cyclospora, MERS, syphillis, measles, illnesses contracted in hospitals, i.e. drug-resistant superbug infections, Teen-striking virus EV-D68, etc. and the ever-looming Chikungunya.

While near-hysteria over possibilities of Ebola outbreak here seems to have wiped it off this nation’s emotional map, virus EV-D68 which centers its attacks on children and teens, continues to soar across this country.

Although the outbreak was first noticed last month in mid-western states, it has now spread throughout the nation and in Canada.  At least four recent child-deaths are attributed to EV-D68, and children sickened from it multiplies.

CBS News reports last night:  “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed nearly 600 cases of Enterovirus D68. Most victims are children, and the virus is in 43 states, plus Washington, D.C. The CDC has confirmed 594 cases of Enterovirus D68. It has been detected in specimens from five patients who died, including a 10-year-old girl in Rhode Island.”

Yet these cases have not garnered nearly the same attention as that of African-born Thomas Eric Duncan, who succumbed to death from the Ebola virus this morning in a Dallas hospital. Is that because exotic diseases from Africa appear more threatening than those home-grown in the U.S.?

David M. Morens, M.D., and Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. write in ‘Chikungunya at the Door—Déjà Vu All Over Again?’: “We now face a new threat posed by the unrelated chikungunya virus, which causes a disease clinically similar to dengue in a similar epidemiological pattern, which is transmitted by the same mosquito vectors, and for which we also lack vaccines and specific treatments.”

In ‘Chikungunya Virus in the Americas—What a Vector-borne Pathogen Can Do,’ J. Erin Staples, M.D., Ph.D., and Marc Fischer, M.D., M.P.H. add:  “In December 2013, the first local transmission of chikungunya virus in the Western Children-getting-sickHemisphere was reported, beginning with autochthonous cases in Saint Martin.

“Since then, local transmission has been reported in 31 countries . . .  throughout the Americas, including. . . the United States and its territories (Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) . . . As of August 8, 2014, a total of 576,535 suspected and laboratory-confirmed chikungunya cases had been reported in the Americas, a case count that had nearly doubled over the previous month.

That is a half-million cases of this illness in the U.S.  Why has national media concentrated on a disease from Africa when other viruses originate at home? Is it about politics? Or because media earlier ignored thousands of African victims? Is it because the medical industry won’t admit that with its billions of dollars in manpower, education and laboratories it is still not ready for major attacks?

For blog readers who claim Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior, a crucial question also looms: Who do you trust more for your healing and health: God or doctors? Don’t say both, they cannot be equal. Do you call on the church for prayer when sick? Does your church believe in God’s power to heal?

When under such attacks, God’s Word in wholesale Christian Bibles commands: “He that dasheth in pieces is come up before thy face: keep the munition, watch the way, make thy loins strong, fortify thy power mightily (Nahum 2:1),” i.e. sickness and death is from Satan so man-up and pray!

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